Puzzle – Six glass of water

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Puzzle – Six glass of water

Six glass of water

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  • Pratik

    sir, 2nd glass ko move kar ke uska juice 5th glass me filled kijiye.after doing this the glasses will arrange full & empty glasses alternate.

  • Thats Great…
    Its correct Answer Prateek. Wait for few more puzzles 🙂

  • sir,
    2nd glass ka juice 5th glass me dalo,
    you will get one empty glass and one glass with the juice.

  • Amol Kohale

    If we number glasses from left to right then the 2nd glass filled with orange juice poured into the 4th glass.

  • mukund darak

    by moving the glass no 2 we will fill the no 5 glass with orange juice and place the glass no 2 on the same place(which is now empty)

  • Nikhil Bangar

    we empty the 2nd glass juice into 5th glass