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  • Awesome-sauce! Love this.
    Thanks for the mention and for linking to my blog!

  • Muneesh Bhalla

    Here is caution. Do not use this for Administrator’s profile, If some bug is there in the flow then Administrator will not be able to log in. Awesome posts on Porces Builder and Flows by Rakesh Gupta.

  • sravani

    I implemented login flow in my developer org for system admin profile.
    For de-activating login flow i didn’t find any option so i deactivated the flow which is assigned to that login flow. Now unable to login to my account, getting screen which contains this message
    ‘Flow “Test” is not found or doesn’t have an active version. Please contact your administrator for more information.’

    please help me

    • I can think of two solution here –
      1. Contact Salesforce support to fix this
      2. Use eclipse or workbench to deactivate login flow using metadata deployment