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  • Sachin

    HI Jitendra,
    Can you please brief me out 1 thing, how my authentication provider instance will authenticate my other / target instance becaus every configuration which you have discussed here is for target/ current org. I am not able to get how this will allow me to login via other org into current org?

  • Brad

    Thank you!!

  • sumit sachdeva


    We are trying to implement SSO using Facebook credentials. When we use the SSO URL, it redirects us to the FB login screen, where when we enter our credentials, it gives an error. Screenshot attached. Do you have any idea how to resolve it?

    When I check the debug logs, it is inserting the contact, inserting the user, but then fails with this error, giving no other information in the debug log.

    Any suggestions welcome 🙂

  • Mohd Anzar

    I am calling the method on the page and I am getting the Html code there. Any suggestion ?