Year: 2012

  • Merge PDF in Salesforce Using Java, ITextPDF and OAuth 2

    Its long time, since i wrote any article because of my busy schedule However this time i came with advance one. In this article we are going to use the J2EE (Servlet) to Merge PDF attachment inside salesforce with the help of OAuth and ITextPDF jar file. The reason of writing this article is that […]

  • Command line dataloader in Salesforce – Solve Common errors

    How to use Command line dataloader in Salesforce with troubleshooting steps and answers to common errors

  • Authenticate Git using SSH protocol with Eclipse and Egit – Salesforce

    In Previous article, i have explained step by step approach to configure Git for Salesforce using Eclipse and Egit plugin. However, i have explained the “https” method to connect Git directly. There are several repositories which does not support the “https” protocol and prefer “SSH” (Secure Shell) protocol. So, in this article i will extend […]

  • Salesforce Interview Question – Part 13

    121 : Consider we have overall 90% code coverage however there is one class which have 0% code coverage. Can we still able to deploy that class on production? Ans : Yes. Minimum 1% required for every trigger and there is no such restriction for Apex class. 122 : How to get selected records ID […]

  • Change year range in Datepicker – Salesforce

    In Datepicker control of salesforce, most of the developers must have faced issue on year range for Datepicker control. We cannot configure the year range in standard date picker control. However, for a long time i am using a JQuery code to change the range of years in Datepicker and thought to share with you. […]

  • Salesforce + Git + Eclipse + EGIT = Better and Distributed Source Control

    During my J2EE and .Net days, I was much dependent on the subversion repository. I had never thought my code without SVN. When I moved to Salesforce few years back, the first thing I missed is code repository to have better source code control. As svn creates either “.svn” or “_svn” folder, it was not […]

  • Salesforce Interview Question – Part 12

    111 : How to get the Recordtype Id using Dynamic Apex? Ans: Normally to get the RecordtypeId for any sObject we use SOQL and it will count against your limit. So below method will bypass the need of SOQL Query. or 112 : Write Apex code which will take the RecordID as input and on […]

  • Simple guide to setup SSL in Tomcat

    I have enabled SSL in tomcat many times however initially I struggled to get it in running condition. So I thought to share a simple approach I am following now days. Step 1: Run tool “Keytool“ provided by the JRE to create a “keystore file”. The command to run tool is: keytool -genkey -alias tomcat […]

  • My Favorite Top 10 Features of Winter 13 release – Salesforce

    Dear Friends, I am very excited to write this article about the cool Winter 13 features which i have added in My List. There are lots of lots of new features added in this release and i have made the list of my top 10 favorite features. Yesterday Salesforce published its Winter 13 release notes […]

  • Salesforce Interview Questions – Part 11

    101. How to force lead assignment rule via Apex while updating or adding the Lead? Ans : To enforce Assignment Rules in Apex you will need to perform following steps: Instantiate the “Database.DMLOptions” class. Set the “useDefaultRule” property of “assignmentRuleHeader” to True. Finally call a native method on your Lead called “setOptions”, with the Database.DMLOptions […]