Dynamic Approval Process in Salesforce using Apex and Trigger

Although this is very common approach and lots of articles are around on this topic, still I want to delineate the topic in other way. This topic covers complete scenarios for the approval process based on the Apex class.

Agenda of this article:

  1. Automatically submit the record for approval on the basis of field value.
  2. Automatically select the next Approver.
  3. Approve / Reject the record on the basis of field.


  • Opportunity Object is used.
  • Approval Process is already set on the Opportunity.
  • Field “Next_Approver” will decide that who is going to approve the record.
  • There are three steps in the approval process.
  • There is no test class written and no check for mandatory fields needed for the trigger, as I have considered positive scenarios only.

Important URLS:

API of Approval Process classes:

  1. Apex process
  2. Apex ProcessRequest
  3. Apex_ProcessResult
  4. Apex_ProcessSubmitRequest
  5. Apex_ProcessWorkitemRequest

Steps of Standard approval process defined:

Approval Process Steps
Approval Process Steps