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  • Upload Files in ASP.NET at Production server

    In this article, i am going to demonstrate that how to upload the file in ASP.NET production server. Most of the case, a developer created a code to upload the file and test it on his local machine. program runs smoothly, but as he forward the same code on production. He stuck in the file permission error as on […]

  • cannot access a closed file – FileUpload in ASP.NET

    This was very interesting error, i got during development of file upload control in ASP.NET. On my local system, every thing was just fine. but when i deployed my application on development server, my control was able to upload only small size files. whenever i tried to upload large size file i got error “cannot access a […]

  • Style File upload control in ASP / HTML

    As most of us know that we cannot style the file upload control to much level, still we can give it a stunning effect with the help of CSS. There is nothing in code to explain. I took three upload control and one button to give effect. Lets say upload control is in ASP.net or […]