Import User Quotas in Amount for Collaborative forecasting

In Customizable Forecast, we can add the Quota for user by navigating to User Page and going to Quota related list However in Collaborative Forecasting aka Forecast 3 the only way is using Data Loader.

1. Log-in to the Data Loader and use the Insert function.
2. Click “Show all Salesforce objects and select “Forecasting Quota (ForecastingQuota)”.
Note: Only Data Loader version 25 and above can be used for importing Quotas in Collaborative Forecasting
3. Select the import csv file and click Next (click OK in the pop-up that shows the number of records detected in the file).

Note: The import csv file should contain the following columns:

  • Currency ISO Code
  • Quota Amount
  • Owner ID
  • Quota Month (Start Date, In Date Format , 10/1/2013 – 1 Oct 2013)
Import Quota Using DataLoader
Import Quota Using DataLoader for Forecast 3