Salesforce Winter 18 Release – My Favorite Features

Salesforce Winter 18 Logo

There are many cool features features in Winter 18, however I would be listing only my favorite top picks from 589 pages of release notes. Would suggest to through this post to understand Sandbox readiness dates for Winter 18.

You can check materials of this meetup as well organized by Amit, where I shared my favorite Winter 18 feature with sample code.

  1. New Lightning Base Components

Lightning Base components are out of the box component created with Salesforce Lightning Design System CSS. If there are no Lightning Base components, You would need to use aura or HTML components and write custom CSS to make look and feel similar to Lightning Experience. Base component starts with lightning: namespace. There are many new Base components introduced like lightning:datatable ,  lightning:checkboxGroup , lightning:dualListbox ,  lightning:progressIndicator , lightning:progressBar,  lightning:slider. Recently only I blogged about Read only Chevron Component with mountains of code. Even though we are using this component for last 6 months however If my project could have waited, then all I had to use is 5-6 lines of code using lightning:progressIndicator.

2. Component Library (Beta)

We can already see all standard and custom component information using https://<myDomain> URL. However, as part of Winter 18 release, Salesforce came up with revamped website just like Lightning Design System to show code snippets on how to use Lightning Components. You can navigate to Component Library using https://<myDomain> URL.

3. Lightning Data Services (GA)

We are hearing about Lightning Data Services from almost last one year and finally its generally available for use. You can check this blog post on how to use it.

Considerations and Best Practices before enabling Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption

Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption

Its been more than a year since launch of platform encryption solution by Salesforce named Shield. Even though its one of most costly offerings by Salesforce however momentum of adaption amongst financial and healthcare industry are very high. I have already implemented platform encryption for few of my clients within a year. In this post, I will share some of my learning and best practices around rolling out platform shield to customers.

First question to ask customer before going with Platform encryption is, “Which security threat customer trying to solve” ?

If answer is security from internal Salesforce users then unfortunately shield is not an answer. We can leverage OWD, sharing rules, profiles, FLS to set security for Salesforce internal users.

If answer from customer is – compliance, security at database and data center level then Shield is a way to go to solve security issue.