Creating SNMP Agent (Server) in JAVA using SNMP4j

In Previous article, we have seen that how to create SNMP client in JAVA using SNMP4j.

To create the Agent for SNMP which listens for the request should extend the abstract class BaseAgent.
The BaseAgent abstract class defines a framework for writing SNMP agents using the SNMP4J-Agent API. To implement your own SNMP agent, extend this class and implement the abstract methods defined by BaseAgent. The hook methods do not need any specific implementation. They only provide a defined mechanism to customize your agent.

Create SNMP Client in JAVA Using SNMP4j

There are lots of open source library for SNMP is available, even java have library for the same,  But in this article I will explain a simple example of using SNMP4j in JAVA to create a simple client which will display the hardware information.

Note : To run this program, SNMP service must be installed. Check this article to know that how to install SNMP in Windows XP.

Download libraries from

Create Simple NMS (Network management station / Client) in JAVA using SNMP4j: