20 Steps to Perform Salesforce Healthcheck

You have been working on Salesforce implementation for a long time and as an Architect you need to do X-ray of Salesforce implementation because of

  • Take a decision to decide brownfield vs greenfield implementation
  • Can we bring new business capabilities to existing org
  • Why does it take time to make even more minor changes
  • Why new capabilities break existing functionalities

If your team is facing the above issues, chances are pretty high that you have technical debt in Salesforce, and it’s time to do a health check.

However, how can you do the health check, what are some essential aspects of reviewing your implementation?

In this blog post, I would share some pointers on how health checks can be done. If there are some other areas you think should be considered, please feel free to drop comments in this post.

1. Total Objects in Org

There is a limit of 3000 custom objects, if the total objects are more than 1500, it could be a hint that you have a complex org

2. Records in each org

If you are nearing the storage limit, it’s an indication of a large data volume, and you need to consider an archival strategy.