Live Coding Channel

  1. Barcode Component in Lightning
  2. Login Flow
  3. Exploring Winter 16 features with Examples
  4. Spell checker in Custom Visualforce Page
  5. How to store Secrets in Salesforce

New Youtube Channel – Jitendra Zaa 

  1. Environment Hub to manage multiple Salesforce instances
  2. Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud basics
  3. Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud HandsOn – Stacked Bar Chart
  4. Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud HandsOn – Compare and Data Table, Focus, Export chart as Image
  5. Export DataSets in Salesforce Analytics Cloud
  6. Basics of Salesforce flow in 15 minutes
  7. Creating lookup field in Flow
  8. Mass update records in Flow
  9. Create parent child relationship using External Id and Upsert Operation in Salesforce Dataloader
  10. Salesforce Dataloader Settings and Upsert Operation
  11. Extract Data from Salesforce using Dataloader and save it on FTP using ANT
  12. Salesforce automated testing – Selenium Part 2
  13. Getting started with Selenium and Salesforce – Part 1
  14. Getting started with Git and Bitbucket in 5 minutes with TortoiseGit
  15. How to use CCTray with Salesforce and Jenkins
  16. Continuous integration in Salesforce Using Jenkins and Git in 20 minutes
  17. Auto generate Package.xml using ANT and Metadata API
  18. HTML5 Based Drag And Drop Component for Salesforce
  19. Creating dependent picklist in Salesforce flow using custom Metadata
  20. Salesforce Lightning – Wikipedia Search Component

Old Youtube Channel – ilovenagpur

  1. Salesforce Query Builder in Node.js, AngularJs, Salesforce REST API, Heroku
  2. Deploy Node.js application in Heroku using Eclipse
  3. Step by step guide to Setup Federated Authentication in Salesforce – SSO
  4. Salesforce REST API Playground
  5. How to use GIT with Salesforce in IDE
  6. Live Agent Setup in Salesforce
  7. Configuring Salesforce for Outlook
  8. Email To Case Agent in Salesforce
  9. Test Simulator
  10. Extended Mail Merge Template in Salesforce
  11. Force Util – Salesforce Organization Comparison
  12. Example of Streaming API in Salesforce


3 responses to “Videos”

  1. Ravi Avatar

    Hi Jitendra,
    I use git via the command line to deploy my code from my personal sandbox to the Dev Int. So my issue is that while i am working on the code in my sandbox ,other developers do make deployments to Dev int which results in me not having the latest code from the Dev int . On my desktop i do have the clone of the original develop branch. So i make sure i create a separate branch and fetch the code from my sandbox and need to merge with the Remote repository.

    How can i avoid the overwritting of other developers code on Dev int and deploy only the files i have changed to the Dev Int ?

  2. […] a lot of great content. But Jitendra isn’t just a writer. He’s also probably the most prolific Salesforce development video mogul around. You can watch Jitendra’s live code channel and see detailed tutorials on Salesforce […]

  3. Cita Avatar

    Code a callout to use continuation
    Make a callout asynchronous, to avoid the concurrent long-running transaction limit. Edit an existing class to use continuation with a callback method to check for a response before continuing.

    To get started:
    Load the unmanaged package, which contains an unedited Apex class. If you’re using a Trailhead Playground, this article shows you how to find your username and reset your password. If you have trouble installing the package, follow the steps in this article.

    In Setup, find the Apex class CalloutController
    Edit the CalloutController class:
    Replace the existing callout code with a new continuation con, which calls a callback handler named processResponse
    Add the callback handler processResponse() method to wait for the response from the server

    I cannot solve this challange. Could i please get some help?

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