Change the applicaions icon in Windows xp

Recently, i had deleted the files under installer folder of windows to clean up the space and that leads to one problem. All the icons of Microsoft Office was disappeared and i was not able to set the icon anyways.

But i had worked on changing the icon in past and helped me to setup the new icon for Microsoft office 2007 or any other application.

To set the icon perform following steps:

Go to Tools | Folder Option and select “File Types” tab.

Windows XP Folder Option
Windows XP Folder Option

Final Keyword in C# – sealed with const and readonly

In java there is keyword “final“, which is used to avoid overloading / inheritance of method / class respectively.

In c# there is no keyword like “final” but the same thing is achieved by keyword “sealed“.

A class which is marked by keyword sealed cannot be inherited.

If you have ever noticed, structs are sealed. You cannot derive a class from a struct.

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Ajax Based Multiselect JQuery Autocomplete Control in ASP.Net

In this article i will explain step by step creating Ajax Based Multi select JQuery Autocomplete User Control.

Here, we will use Jquery UI Tool’s Autocomplete Control. To get the Data using AJAX, here we will try Handlers of ASP. Using Handlers against simple page is that, if we will use ASPX page then it will go through all the phases of page (nearly 1o) whereas Handler is faster than ASPX page.

Ajax Based Multiselect JQuery Autocomplete Control in ASP.Net
Ajax Based Multiselect JQuery Autocomplete Control in ASP.Net

Step 1 : creating Handler

In step 1, we will create the handler which will provide the data in form of JSON. To know more about  creating JSON is C#, read this article written by me on codeproject.

MSMQ – Microsoft Message Queue Introduction

Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ):
MSMQ is a messaging protocol that allows applications running on separate servers/processes to communicate in a failsafe manner. A queue is a temporary storage location from which messages can be sent and received reliably, as and when conditions permit. Queues are used to receive and send the Messages.

To Install MSMQ, Go to Control Panel -> Add Remove Program -> Add Windows Component and select “Message Queuing”

Install MSMQ - Microsoft Messaging Queue
Install MSMQ - Microsoft Messaging Queue

What is ODBC and OLEDB – Interview Question

Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) :

How ODBC Works
How ODBC Works

In computing, Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) provides a standard software interface for accessing database management systems (DBMS). The designers of ODBC aimed to make it independent of programming languages, database systems, and operating systems. Thus, any application can use ODBC to query data from a database, regardless of the platform it is on or DBMS it uses.

What is managed and unmanaged code

Visual Studio have made the life of developer very easy by providing the powerful interfaced IDE which helps to create the applications faster than any other technology. We all remember the coding in Turbo C compiler in which the output produced is “machine level language“.

Before Visual studio 2003, the output produced by the compilers were machine level language which can be pronounced as “UnManaged code“. Machine level language compiles and run on same machine or machine having same chip or configuration but it is not sure that it will run on another machine.

After Visual studio 2003, the output produced by the compilers of C# and VB were not “machine level language”, instead it was “Intermediate Language” with some metadata info which is executed by the “Common Language Runtime (CLR)“. so we can say that output produced by the compilers of C# and VB after Visual studio 2003 is “Managed Code“.

To read more on this topic, please refer below good articles:

  1. What is Managed Code ?
  2. Managed, Unmanaged, Native.
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