Create Excel File in Java using Apache POI Library

Recently, I came across requirement to create ExcelSheet from thin Java Client used by Salesforce. So, I though to share my experience on Creating Excel Sheet in Java. As we know that Java is product of Oracle and Excel is product of Microsoft. Off-course, There will be no standard functionality available in Java to achieve our requirement of creating Excel Sheet. However thanks to Apache for their POI Library. POI Stands for “Poor Obfuscation Implementation” as the file formats created by this library is obfuscated poorly with help of reverse Engineering. Anyways, we don’t have to bother about it and thankful to them for providing such wonderful library.

Apache POI library can be used to create Excel Sheet, Word Document and PowerPoint. In this post, we will be totally focusing on Excel Sheet using “XSSF (XML Spreadsheet Format)” component.

Prerequisite :
Add all jar files downloaded from Apache POI download site in Java Program’s build path.