How to prepare for Dev 501 Certification – Salesforce

This is first time i am going to write article on any Salesforce Certification. This time it is about “How to Pass Salesforce Dev 501 Certification”. I have already received many request on how to prepare for this certification.

Dev 501 certificate in Salesforce will validate that how comfortable you are as a developer with Apex and Visualforce ? In order to get Dev 501 Certification, Developer needs to go through 3 Steps :

  1. Pass Multi – Choice Exam
    • 69 Questions, 73% Passing
  2. Complete Assignment if you pass Step 1
  3. Essay writing
    • Need to answer 3-4 questions regarding your design in assignment to validate that you have written code. If you are confident, you can give Essay before submitting Assignment also. This step also needs to complete in Proctored center like Step 1.

After these steps, You will get final result in 4-5 weeks.