Twitter’s Like button as Salesforce Lightning Component- pure CSS3 with Video

Twitter Heart Animation using pure CSS3 in Lightning Component

Twitter uses image sprite and JavaScript to produce Like button animation. We would be giving same effect to checkbox by using Lightning component. Combination of Checkbox, Label and Box property of CSS3 is used to give final result.

Lightning Component will contain only declaration of checkbox as shown below.


<aura:component >
<input id="toggle-heart" type="checkbox" />
<label for="toggle-heart">❤</label>

Note : In above source code, heart UTF icon is getting replaced by emoji code, so refer this screen to see exact code written for Lightning Component.

We have used Sassy CSS (SCSS) in this demo, as it would be little bit hard to write pure CSS with animation. Once SCSS is written, we can use this online tool to convert it to CSS. All these are explained and build live on my channel.

Complete CSS 3 Tutorial – Transform Operations

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is the language used by all the web languages like ASP.Net, PHP, JSP or Velocity (Basically HTML) to control the display style of the elements without changing the code. With the help of CSS we can control the border width, color, background color, background image, font and so on.

With the help of CSS 3 other than just style now we can even animate, translate and do lots of stuff which were not possible by the CSS 2 and needed the help of other JavaScript library like JQuery UI.

In this tutorial we are going to learn different transform operations supported by the CSS 3.

The Transform operations are supported by IE 9, Mozilla, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Live Demo – Click Here.

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