Flow in Salesforce – Youtube Video tutorial

1. Basics of Flow in 15 minutes

This video tutorial explains declaring variables in flow, best practices while declaring variable, reading URL parameter and storing it in flow variable, creating custom button to launch flow from page layout, updating record, proper handling of fault messages and displaying it to end users.

Creating Lookup field in Flow

Update June-24 2018 : Refer this blog post to create a lookup component in Flow with better user experience.

Flow is pretty powerful tool not only for admins but for developers as well. As a best practice, we should not code until and unless there is no “better” point and click option available. If you have to solve one problem using 20+ workflow rule and it could be solved in just 10-20 lines of code then off-course in those scenario it makes sense to use code over point and click.

You can consider visual flow equivalent to Visualforce for admin. We can create very powerful wizard like functionality without any code. Once flow is implemented, we can use it in Custom button, Visualforce page, chatter actions etc…

I was in situation where I needed to create a lookup field, however lookup field element is not available in Flow. Lets consider we want to search Lead record just like lookup window functionality and display matching result to end users. As lookup field is not available, we will provide list of options to end user using “Dynamic Record Choice” and once user select record we will make selected record available on next screen.