Flow in Salesforce – Youtube Video tutorial

1. Basics of Flow in 15 minutes

This video tutorial explains declaring variables in flow, best practices while declaring variable, reading URL parameter and storing it in flow variable, creating custom button to launch flow from page layout, updating record, proper handling of fault messages and displaying it to end users.

2. Creating lookup field in flow

Lookup field cannot be created in flow. So this video goes in depth to explain how to handle requirements around creating lookup field, its alternate design, working with “Dynamic record choice” fields, displaying fields and setting variables related to selected record selected in “Dynamic record choice” field. You can read this article as well which explains same video with screenshots.

3. Mass update records using Flow

Below video explains how to mass update records in flow using Loop, Assignment and Fast update elements.




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4 responses to “Flow in Salesforce – Youtube Video tutorial”

  1. Bijay S Avatar
    Bijay S

    Good content related to flows ,gave basic concepts to start up with Flows .
    Mass update where you have showed how to do bulkification using flows is amazing .

    1. Jitendra Zaa Avatar

      Thanks Bijay

  2. Nilesh Avatar

    Great tutorial…I have one doubt can we add styling to the field elements like textbox and others?

    1. Jitendra Zaa Avatar

      Yes, its possible. You need to have prior knowledge of CSS. Enclose you flow in Visualforce and add style as shown in this blog post – https://www.jitendrazaa.com/blog/salesforce/creating-two-column-layout-in-flow/

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