Trailhead Challenge Errors & Solutions

Sometime Salesforce Trailhead Challenge requirement and actual solution doesn’t go hand in hand. And seems many others also face same issue , Thats why I would be making notes on how I fixed Trailhead challenge issue.

Note : I would not be sharing solutions of Trailhead challenge , I will post fix only when there is discrepancy in what’s being asked and what worked.

Setup Escalation and Entitlement

Solution to this challenge would not work if you have Person Account enabled in Org. Try solution in non Person Account Org.

Error : The second Block Price for the Mobile Control Center App is not configured correctly. Check the Lower Bound, Upper Bound, and Price.

Pricing Methods for Salesforce CPQ – Implement Block Pricing

Solution : Create Block Line items as per below image. Salesforce is clearly asking for 1-4 but it needs 5 as upper limit. 5-10 but it needs 11 as upper limit.

Error : We can’t find the Product family named Service Packages

While trying completing trailhead challenge Create and Customize Products , I kept getting error We can’t find the Product family named Service Packages. Everything was correct in my org but this error was persistant. Then I temporarily changed org and clicked on challenge button. It failed and then switched to actual org again and this time challenge completed successfully. It seems some kind of caching issue which gets cleared after switching org to check challenge.

Trailhead Widget for your Website

Trailhead Widget for websites

Here it comes, Christmas goodies for Trailhead lovers. If you own WordPress, blogspot or any website, use this Trailhead widget to show and brag about all your badges. Badges,  which you have earned by completing challenges on sleepless nights, on airport, during commute or over the weekends. What could be the best way to show Trailhead profile summary other than widget?

Will it impact performance of my website

All computations are done outside of your website and Javascript execution is asynchronous, which will make sure website rendering is not blocked by this widget.

Code Updated on June 8 2019  

  1. Profile Name and Image links to Trailhead Profile
  2. Performance improvement of Widget
  3. Badge information will sync with Trailhead every 60 minutes

How to use it

Step 1

Identify the URL of your Trailhead profile. Make sure you are not copying URL of success community. Below image shows steps to get Trailhead URL. We just need end part of URL, after last forward slash.

New Trail in Trailhead – Navigate the Salesforce Advantage

Its not too long when Trailhead was announced in Dreamforce, who have though that it would be integral part of learning for Salesforce developers, admin, business analyst and even customers ?

Trailhead recently released new trail Navigate the Salesforce Advantage for readers, who want to know about Salesforce, its culture and what makes it outstanding and different from other technology companies.

Below are list of modules released as a part of this trail and topics it covers :

Merry Trailhead and Happy New Year full of goodies

Trailhead wishes every Salesforce Admin, Developer, Business users a very “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year” with lots of goodies in form of new modules and project.

Merry Trailhead - 2015
Merry Trailhead – 2015

I have always been big fan of Trailhead and already wrote few articles previously. It has huge response, support and expectation from community. We already know that former MVP “Jeff douglas” joined Trailhead team and there are many more positions open in same team. All these indications shows that “Trailhead” still has miles to go and awesomeness has not even started yet. Its innovative way to learn Salesforce and everything is at same place, you don’t need to spend a single penny to get quality education and understanding concepts about Salesforce. Simply complete modules, projects and share badges on your linked profile or any other social media to demonstrate your expertise. It has huge help for recruiters as well to cross verify if candidate has really completed that badges in addition of Salesforce Certificates.

Event Monitoring and Trailhead

Trailhead Event Monitoring
Trailhead Event Monitoring

This is one of most awaited functionality provided by Salesforce platform recently. In many projects, we were getting request from clients on different kind of  auditing reports like “most used functionality by users, who is exporting reports, API call usage, link clicks” etc. Event monitoring tool helps to provide many information related to auditing reports. We can track nearly 29 different types of event like

  • API Calls
  • Report exports
  • Logins and Logout
  • Visualforce page loads
  • Apex executions

This tool is free only for developer edition and for enterprise, unlimited or professional editions only login and logout events are available ; other events are available on extra cost. One important aspect to notice about this feature is that it is API only feature.  These logs are stored in Object EventLogFile. We can use tools like Workbench or SOQL in developer console to fetch records.

Getting started with basics of Lightning Component

As you might already know that next big change in Salesforce is introduction to lightning components. As technology is changing rapidly and to take advantage of cutting edge innovations in web technology, Salesforce doesn’t want to stay behind. If we see trend, all major platform has introduced component based design like Polymer, React, Web Components, Angular 2.

We will be discussing basics of Lightning components in this post and how Lightning application, component, controller, helpers and Apex controllers are connected with each other.

Lightning components are based on open source UI framework for web development. Every Salesforce organization already has aura documents available in their instance and can be opened by navigating to You can also visit my other blog post explaining FAQ of lightning and Lightning Trailhead module.

In below image, I have tried to explain at high level, how different JavaScript files are related in Lightning components, there are many other parts as well, but I tried to keep it short and simple.

Getting started with lightning components
Getting started with lightning components

Learning Lightning Component – Trailhead way

Learn Lightning Component Trailhead way
Learn Lightning Component – Trailhead way

In Previous article, I have introduced what is Trailhead and why employer should start using it to train Salesforce developers and Admins. At the time of writing this article, there are already 16 modules to be learned from it.

Recently Salesforce has added some more awesome tutorial and  In this article, I will walk-through “Lightning Component” module of Trailhead.

1. Getting started with Lightning Component (+100 points)

In this module, you will learn that what exactly is lightning component, Aura Framework and how it is different than visualforce?

This is UI framework to develope dynamic web pages for mobile and desktop devices in Salesforce. Its used mostly for SPA (Single Page Applications). It focuses on component based developement and reusing it. You can compare Lihtning component (by Salesforce) with React (by Facebook) and Polymer (by Google).

How to start learning Salesforce – Trailhead is good answer

In last 3-4 years, Salesforce is well known cloud computing platform between IT professionals and fresh college graduates. Dreamforce, well known for largest conference on planet breaking its own record every year. Salesforce is also top Innovative company in world as per forbes.

Change is inevitable – well adapted by Salesforce. Unlike traditional languages, Admins and developers needs to be updated every four months with each release. Many system limitations we know get addressed in next release. It has many products like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud,,, Marketing cloud, Analytics cloud and very easy to lost in those sections.

I been working on Salesforce from last 6 years and questions regarding how to start with Salesforce is increasing day by day.

Salesforce knows that “With great power comes great responsibility” and they already started to address this Developer/Admin adaption problem with introduction of Trailhead.

What is Trailhead ?

In my words, “Trailhead is innovative training application developed and maintained by Salesforce which supports realtime module assignment validations and Trailhead badges on public profile”. It is getting updated with new contents and challenges frequently.

Why should our company start using Trailhead for training and why buzz every where ?

It checks module completion exercises realtime using ToolingAPI to confirm if trainee has really completed assignment or not? After completion of each module user will be awarded with points which will be visible on public profile.

I would suggest everyone who wants to learn Salesforce to complete module and showcase their Trailhead profile as a proof confirming completion of modules.

Questionnaire at end of modules

This is recently added modification Salesforce team has introduced in Trailhead. Who doesn’t likes to validate their understanding ? At end of each module, now we have to answer questions to earn points of modules, and it supports multi-choice also.