New Trail in Trailhead – Navigate the Salesforce Advantage

Its not too long when Trailhead was announced in Dreamforce, who have though that it would be integral part of learning for Salesforce developers, admin, business analyst and even customers ?

Trailhead recently released new trail Navigate the Salesforce Advantage for readers, who want to know about Salesforce, its culture and what makes it outstanding and different from other technology companies.

Below are list of modules released as a part of this trail and topics it covers :

1. Salesforce Success Model

Salesforce Success Model - Trailhead
Salesforce Success Model – Trailhead
  • What Salesforce is
  • Describe specific ways Salesforce can help your business
  • Understand why Customer Success is at the heart of everything we do
  • Explain how Salesforce customers drive their Leadership and Innovation
  • Discuss 1-1-1 model of Giving Back of Salesforce




2. Salesforce Cloud Benefits

Trailhead - Salesforce Cloud Benefits
Trailhead – Salesforce Cloud Benefits
  • Understand more about what Salesforce is and what it’s designed to do
  • Learn how Salesforce’s Complete CRM is built to evolve with your needs
  • Understand suite of applications of Salesforce and how the cloud allows them to evolve alongside customers of Salesforce
  • Understand why Salesforce decided to root their business in the cloud
  • Discuss the basics of cloud computing
  • Talk about how Salesforce customers benefit from the cloud

3. Salesforce Technology Basics

Trailhead - Salesforce Technology Basics
Trailhead – Salesforce Technology Basics
  • Talk about Salesforce standards for trust, and the investments they’ve made to ensure that they’re the world’s most trusted cloud
  • Describe how Salesforce provides a level of security that no individual company could provide on their own
  • Identify why Salesforce customers in highly regulated industries trust Salesforce with their most important data
  • Understand what multitenancy is
  • Talk about the benefits of having all Salesforce customers under one roof
  • Explain how multitenancy adds value at scale
  • Define metadata in an easy, simple way
  • Show how metadata drives maximum flexibility for customers
  • Know why metadata allows Salesforce to make seamless upgrades
  • Understand how metadata makes platform as a service possible
  • Know the two paths to fast app development
  • Identify what components come with fast app development
  • Understand when to configure and when to customize
  • Imagine new and creative ways to create apps for your business

4. Salesforce Ecosystem

Trailhead - Salesforce Ecosystem
Trailhead – Salesforce Ecosystem
  • Understand what a journey to success looks like with Salesforce
  • List the benefits of being part of a community dedicated to your success
  • Know where to get started, connect with others, get help, share ideas, and collaborate
  • Understand where to go to connect with others, get help, and collaborate
  • Find a user group to connect with
  • Introduce yourself to a Salesforce MVP

Above four modules will conclude this trail, however consider it as start of your journey. Below image shows some suggestions for your next journey

Salesforce Trailhead Mahalo
Salesforce Trailhead Mahalo






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