Year: 2013

  • Why should I use JSON over XML ?

    Why should I use JSON over XML ? Why JSON is given so importance these days ? Many questions like these are asked many times by new developers. So, I decided to write this article. However last year I presented same topic and uploaded in SlideShare. Before Winter12 release, for JSON related stuff we had […]

  • Who has Downloaded My Chatter Files ?

    Salesforce is evaluating and enhancing the way we use Files with help of Content and Chatter Files. Customer might want to know that who has downloaded Chatter files on their Local System? In this article, I will explain a little hack on identifying name of Users, who  has downloaded Chatter File from Organization. There is […]

  • How to access ListView in Apex | Using StandardSetController for Pagination

    There are scenario in project lifecycle where developer creates SOQL or Dynamic SOQL to return expected result. Also if requirement changes they go back and change existing code to reflect updated SOQL. If you are good developer and avoid to change Apex code at most you will save your SOQL in “Custom Settings” and utilize […]

  • Import User Quotas in Quantity (Unit) for Collaborative Forecasting

    In Previous article we have seen that how to import Quota in Amount (Revenue) for Collaborative forecasting.  I got many request on how to upload Quota in Units, as in Forecasting tab you can see that there is option to see Forecast in Unit or Amount. If we switch from Revenue to Quantity the Quota […]

  • Create Excel File in Java using Apache POI Library

    Recently, I came across requirement to create ExcelSheet from thin Java Client used by Salesforce. So, I though to share my experience on Creating Excel Sheet in Java. As we know that Java is product of Oracle and Excel is product of Microsoft. Off-course, There will be no standard functionality available in Java to achieve […]

  • Consuming External Web Service in Apex – Salesforce

    One of the feature we have in Salesforce is that we can easily consume External Web Services. In this article, we will learn step by step demo of consuming Web Service in Apex. There are many public websites available to consume Web Service and one of them, I am using in this article is […]

  • How to make WordPress blog faster and minimize CPU Usage

    In this article, I will share my personal experience regarding this blog performance and nightmares of disabling website everyday because of CPU Utilization. I tried all my best however I was unable to figure out the cause of high CPU Usage by wordPress. I tried many articles on Google and at last I found some […]

  • Introduction to Hibernate

    Post by – Subhash Bhajankar What is the problem that hibernate is trying to solve?          Let’s take an example of simple class that you have in your application. Referring Image 1, we have Employee object in our java class which has six fields. In our running application We would have lots […]

  • Using GIT with IDE – Video Tutorial

    In this article, we discussed how to use GIT with Eclipse. I have created Video Tutorial for same which includes How to Upgrade Eclipse from Helios to Indigo Install EGIT Plugin Introduction to Bit Bucket