Import User Quotas in Quantity (Unit) for Collaborative Forecasting

In Previous article we have seen that how to import Quota in Amount (Revenue) for Collaborative forecasting.  I got many request on how to upload Quota in Units, as in Forecasting tab you can see that there is option to see Forecast in Unit or Amount.

Salesforce Display Forecast as Quantity or Revenue
Salesforce Display Forecast as Quantity or Revenue

If we switch from Revenue to Quantity the Quota of user will show blank user. In this article we will upload User Quota in Quantity.

After Winter 14 release also salesforce has not provided any Out of the box tool to upload quota from User Interface. So in this article also, we will depend on Dataloader.

Important Note :

  1. If you want to upload Quota in Quantity, version of Dataloader must be above 28. In this article, i have used DataLoader version 29.
  2. At one time, we can either insert Quota in Amount or Quantity.
  3. If you want to use field Product Family, you must enable “Forecasting for Product Family”

As seen in previous article, Object used for upload Quota is “ForecastingQuota” which will be visible in Dataloader, if we select “Show all Salesforce Object”.

Import Quota Using DataLoader
Import Quota Using DataLoader for Forecast 3

You will find below fields available for mapping in Dataloader :

  1. Start Date (Quota is for Which month ?)
  2. Currency ISO Code (ISO Code of Currency of Amount)
  3. Quota Amount (Quota of users in Amount)
  4. Quota OwnerId (Quota belongs to Which User ?)
  5. Product Family (If Forecasting for Product (Winter 14) is enabled then you can use it)
  6. Quota Quantity (Quota of users in Unit)

We have to create CSV file, map field and insert. I hope this tutorial will explain all you need to upload Quota in Quantity.

Uploading Forecast Quota in Unit
Uploading Forecast Quota in Unit

Please find below Sample csv files to upload Quota in Collaborative Forecasting :

  1. Sample CSV FIle for ForecastQuota in Amount
  2. Sample CSV file for ForecastQuota in Unit with Product Family
  3. Sample CSV File for ForecastQuota in Unit Without Product Family




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