Tag: Winter 14

  • Introduction to Flexible page aka Lightning Page with example

    Display Visualforce page only in Salesforce1 mobile application and not in desktop version

  • Import User Quotas in Quantity (Unit) for Collaborative Forecasting

    In Previous article we have seen that how to import Quota in Amount (Revenue) for Collaborative forecasting.  I got many request on how to upload Quota in Units, as in Forecasting tab you can see that there is option to see Forecast in Unit or Amount. If we switch from Revenue to Quantity the Quota […]

  • Salesforce Winter 14 – New Features

    Major Area of Release: Developer Console Canvas HTML5 Support in Visualforce Deployment related features like improved deployment Monitoring New Database methods to get records deleted , updated in specific time Renaming “Service Cloud Console“ is renamed to “Salesforce Console for Service“ “Configuration Only“ sandbox renamed to “Developer Pro“ “Agent Configuration“ renamed to “Live Agent Configuration“ […]