Salesforce Winter 14 – New Features

Salesforce Winter 14
Salesforce Winter 14

Major Area of Release:

  • Developer Console
  • Canvas
  • HTML5 Support in Visualforce
  • Deployment related features like improved deployment Monitoring
  • New Database methods to get records deleted , updated in specific time


  • Service Cloud Console“ is renamed to “Salesforce Console for Service“
  • Configuration Only“ sandbox renamed to “Developer Pro“
  • Agent Configuration“ renamed to “Live Agent Configuration“

1. Add Report Charts in Detail Page Layout of Standard or Custom Object

Starting from Winter 14, Now we have one more option in Page Layout Editor, which is “Report Charts”. Instead of Visiting Dashboard and Report we can see chart right in Detail page of record.

Charts in Detail Page
Charts in Detail Page


  • You can have two report charts only per page.
  • Report chart can only be added from enhanced page layout and is not supported in mini Console or original page layout editor.

2. Get Report Data as JSON – Analytics API
This is REST based API which will return data of report as JSON. This will revolutionize the way we access and visualize Salesforce data.

3. Search Metadata
One of my favorite features is searching Metadata. We have Global search which will search any record. But what if you have more than 200 Workflow rules, Email templates and struggling to find out what you need? You must be thinking for search feature which can search your setup, and this feature is available from Winter 14.

4. Static Resource Editors just inside Developer Console
Developer Console editor now supports JavaScript, XML, CSS and plain text. You can create these file in Static Resource just from Developer Console.

5. OFFSET in SubQuery – Pilot
OffSet is very useful clause in SOQL for pagination however it can only be used in upper level query. From Winter 14 (Pilot) it can be used in sub query also.

SELECT Name FROM Opportunities LIMIT 10 OFFSET 2
FROM Account

6. Lookup field search
Till now Lookup field can only search Name field however now we have option to “search All” Fields.

7. Sales Console
It helps you quickly contact leads, access companies, and identify key contacts – all in dashboard like interface.

Sales Cloud in Salesforce
Sales Cloud in Salesforce

8. Freeze User Accounts
We can now temporarily suspend a user account that requires more work to deactivate.

9. Sharing rule on User

You might be thinking that what Is use of having OWD and sharing rule on User ? As chatter is getting adapted by everyone, there may be scenario that few profiles should be private like of CEO. So in those case we can create sharing rule on User records.

10. Manager Group
When it comes to sharing we know OWD, Role and Sharing rule. Now start assuming one more level which is “Manager Group”. The role hierarchy controls the level of visibility that users have into your organizations data. With Winter’14, you can use manager groups to share records with your management chain, instead of all managers in the same role based on the role hierarchy.

Master Group in Salesforce - Winter 14
Master Group in Salesforce – Winter 14

11. Flexible API Limits – Pilot

Flexible limits allow your organization to exceed its API request limit up to 50 percent above your normal limits within the limit timeframe (typically 24 hours). For example, if your daily limit for API requests is 100,000, it’s extended to 150,000. The following day, if your organization activity spikes again, the limit will be extended to 150,000 requests again.

12. Server Side View State – Pilot

Server-side view state maintains a Visualforce page’s view state on the server, instead of sending it back and forth during form submissions and responses. This can reduce the amount of data being transmitted per request, which can improve performance, especially over connections with limited bandwidth or high latency, such as a mobile wireless connection.

13. Statement Limit Elimination from Apex

The code statement limit has been removed. Apex transactions are no longer limited by the number of code statements they can execute, allowing you to potentially execute more code statements than the previously enforced statement limit. To protect against infinite processes overusing shared CPU resources, the maximum CPU time for a transaction is 10,000 milliseconds for synchronous Apex, and 60,000 milliseconds for asynchronous Apex (Batch Apex and future methods).




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4 responses to “Salesforce Winter 14 – New Features”

  1. Chris Wall Avatar
    Chris Wall

    Great list!

    Also, I encourage you to look at Visualforce’s HTML5 support. HTML5’s input types and other attributes (supported by Visualforce via pass-through, eg html-placeholder) are very powerful.

    1. JitendraZaa Avatar

      Agree with you Chris, HTML 5 Support in Visualforce is also one of best release feature. I will include that also in this port.

      Thanks for good suggestion.

  2. mailtoharshit Avatar

    Wonderful list, it would be awesome if you divide as more on ‘Admin’ perspective and ‘Developer’ perspective.

  3. Ragesh GK Avatar
    Ragesh GK

    Am getting the following error while querying for KAV after the winter update of the sandbox “Implementation restriction: When querying the KnowledgeArticleVersion object, you must filter using the following syntax: Id = [single ID], Id IN [list of ID’s] or Language = [language ISO code]. In addition Language is only permitted in a top-level AND conditions”

    any solution for this ?

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