Who has Downloaded My Chatter Files ?

Salesforce is evaluating and enhancing the way we use Files with help of Content and Chatter Files. Customer might want to know that who has downloaded Chatter files on their Local System? In this article, I will explain a little hack on identifying name of Users, who  has downloaded Chatter File from Organization.

There is no Out of box functionality provided by Salesforce yet to view names of users, So we are gonna use either Dataloader or Developer Console, which in turn will use SOQL.

In CRM Content, You can see name of users like below image :

Salesforce Content File Downloaded information
Salesforce Content File Downloaded information

But, What if file is not in CRM Content ? It is shared as part of Chatter ?

Open your chatter file, Which you want to track and click on “Show All Version”.

Chatter File Show All Version
Chatter File Show All Version

Copy URL of all Versions Some Where, like in Notepad by clicking on icon and “Right Click – Copy URL”

Copy Chatter File URL
Copy Chatter File URL

URL will look like :
https://shivasoft — .ap1.content.force.com/sfc/servlet.shepherd /version/download/06890000000q6pp?asPdf=false&operationContext=CHATTER

Now, Get ID from these URLS. In Our case we have 2 versions so we have 2 Ids.

Use below SOQL either in Dataloader or Developer Console :

SELECT ContentVersionId, Field, CreatedById,CREATEDDATE FROM ContentVersionHistory WHERE ContentVersionId IN (‘06890000000ox07′,’06890000000q6pp’ ) AND Field=’contentVersionDownloaded

As you can see, We are using ContentVersionHistory table to extract file downloaded information.

Salesforce SOQL Developer Concole Output
Salesforce SOQL Developer Console Output




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