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  • Salesforce Developers interview questions – Most commonly used code snippets – part 21

    Salesforce interview questions – Most frequently used Apex and visualforce code used by Salesforce developers like “How to query and abort scheduled job using Apex”, “Defining VF page as HTML5”, “Visualforce page as JSON” , “Handling colon in element Id for Jquery” , “Chatter using Apex” and many more.

  • Chatter – Collaboration in Cloud

    Few Years back, When Chatter was introduced in Salesforce there were many critics on this product. Many Experienced analyst suggested that why do we need Social application inside enterprise application ? Today, I can’t even imagine Salesforce without Chatter. Its more than just Social, Its all about Communication in Team, Visibility, Collaboration. Success of any […]

  • Who has Downloaded My Chatter Files ?

    Salesforce is evaluating and enhancing the way we use Files with help of Content and Chatter Files. Customer might want to know that who has downloaded Chatter files on their Local System? In this article, I will explain a little hack on identifying name of Users, who  has downloaded Chatter File from Organization. There is […]