Merry Trailhead and Happy New Year full of goodies

Trailhead wishes every Salesforce Admin, Developer, Business users a very “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year” with lots of goodies in form of new modules and project.

Merry Trailhead - 2015
Merry Trailhead – 2015

I have always been big fan of Trailhead and already wrote few articles previously. It has huge response, support and expectation from community. We already know that former MVP “Jeff douglas” joined Trailhead team and there are many more positions open in same team. All these indications shows that “Trailhead” still has miles to go and awesomeness has not even started yet. Its innovative way to learn Salesforce and everything is at same place, you don’t need to spend a single penny to get quality education and understanding concepts about Salesforce. Simply complete modules, projects and share badges on your linked profile or any other social media to demonstrate your expertise. It has huge help for recruiters as well to cross verify if candidate has really completed that badges in addition of Salesforce Certificates.

So, what’s in Santa Claus goodies bag for Salesforce admin, developers and business users ?

New “Admin Advanced” Trail

Are you already awesome Salesforce admin and cant wait for next step ? There is new trail for advance Salesforce admins. Currently it has three modules but more to come.

Admin Advance Trail
Admin Advanced Trail

Apex Integration Services module

For all Salesforce developers, who wanted to learn integration but there were no perfect starting point available anywhere. This module is for them where SOAP, REST services are explained to integrate with external apps using examples. You just need to complete this module to take off your integration development life.

Apex Integration Services
Apex Integration Services

Advanced Formulas module

This new Trailhead module is also part of “Advance Admin” trail. This module contains lots of use cases to write complex formula in easy and efficient way. It has around 7 units to get familiar with formulas related to picklist, Date-time, Text formulas, number, currency, percentage, error handling and some advance formulas.

Advanced Formulas Module
Advanced Formulas Module

Lightning Chatter Basics

This module focuses on using chatter in lightning experience. It has three units for getting started, Feed tracking and Rollout strategy. Good for new admins wants to start with lightning chatter experience.

Lightning Chatter Basics
Lightning Chatter Basics

Lightning Data Management

This Trailhead is all about import and export of data in Lightning experience. Only 2 units, so simple badge is waiting for you.

Lightning Data Management
Lightning Data Management

Application Lifecycle Management

This is update to existing Trailhead module and contains 6 units. This is very informative module if you are leading team of developers or admins and wants to set-up some guidelines around deployment or project lifecycle.

Application Lifecycle Management
Application Lifecycle Management

Project – Build a battle station App

This is new project aiming to enhance your overall admin skills around Object creation, Workflows , process builder and report usage. If you are star wars fan, you will enjoy this project. As per this blog from Salesforce if you complete this project before 31st Dec 2015 11:59pm PST, you may be one of many luck winners to get Play station or Robots or Quad copters.

Prizes - Build a Battle Station App
Prizes – Build a Battle Station App





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