Trailhead Challenge Errors & Solutions

Sometime Salesforce Trailhead Challenge requirement and actual solution doesn’t go hand in hand. And seems many others also face same issue , Thats why I would be making notes on how I fixed Trailhead challenge issue.

Note : I would not be sharing solutions of Trailhead challenge , I will post fix only when there is discrepancy in what’s being asked and what worked.

Setup Escalation and Entitlement

Solution to this challenge would not work if you have Person Account enabled in Org. Try solution in non Person Account Org.

Error : The second Block Price for the Mobile Control Center App is not configured correctly. Check the Lower Bound, Upper Bound, and Price.

Pricing Methods for Salesforce CPQ – Implement Block Pricing

Solution : Create Block Line items as per below image. Salesforce is clearly asking for 1-4 but it needs 5 as upper limit. 5-10 but it needs 11 as upper limit.

Error : We can’t find the Product family named Service Packages

While trying completing trailhead challenge Create and Customize Products , I kept getting error We can’t find the Product family named Service Packages. Everything was correct in my org but this error was persistant. Then I temporarily changed org and clicked on challenge button. It failed and then switched to actual org again and this time challenge completed successfully. It seems some kind of caching issue which gets cleared after switching org to check challenge.




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