Event Monitoring and Trailhead

Trailhead Event Monitoring
Trailhead Event Monitoring

This is one of most awaited functionality provided by Salesforce platform recently. In many projects, we were getting request from clients on different kind of  auditing reports like “most used functionality by users, who is exporting reports, API call usage, link clicks” etc. Event monitoring tool helps to provide many information related to auditing reports. We can track nearly 29 different types of event like

  • API Calls
  • Report exports
  • Logins and Logout
  • Visualforce page loads
  • Apex executions

This tool is free only for developer edition and for enterprise, unlimited or professional editions only login and logout events are available ; other events are available on extra cost. One important aspect to notice about this feature is that it is API only feature.  These logs are stored in Object EventLogFile. We can use tools like Workbench or SOQL in developer console to fetch records.

Login by User - Event monitoring
Login by User – Event monitoring

Tools to Download and Visualize Event log files

As discussed previously, Trailhead is super star right now in Salesforce world and everyone is talking about it. Currently it has 41 modules and 6 projects.

You can learn more about Event monitoring in Trailhead and earn cool badge of module and share in community.




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