Compilation of resources to learn Lightning Components in Salesforce

  1. Lightning Component developers guide
  2. Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS)
  3. Salesforce style Bootstrap CSS
  4. Lightning Components tutorial on trailhead
  5. Creating Lightning Components : Single Page Applications by Don Robins
  6. Basics of Lightning components by Jitendra
  7. Building lightning components in Spring 15 by Jeff Doughlas
  8. Pure Javascript based Collapsable panel component by Jitendra
  9. Search bar and contact list component in Lightning by Salesforce
  10. Working with controllers by Peter Knolle
  11. Handling custom events in Lightning Component by Peter Knolle
  12. Debugging Lightning Components by Peter Knolle
  13. Extending Lightning Components by Peter Knolle
  14. Quickly Assemble Components Using Lightning Component Composition by Peter Knolle
  15. Disable “Pull to Refresh” in Salesforce1 for Lightning Components by Jitendra Zaa
  16. Responsive Datagrid component in Lightning – Basics by Jitendra Zaa
  17. Single Page Application (SPA) by Mohit Shrivastava
  18. Youtube Search by Mohit Shrivastave / CodeScience
  19. Salesforce Community using Lightning by Mohit Shrivastave / CodeScience
  20. Lightning Components and the Salesforce Analytics API by Daniel Peter
  21. Displaying Reports in Salesforce1 Using Lightning Components, jQuery Mobile and the Analytics API by Daniel Peter
  22. Transforming Analytics API Data for Lightning Components by Daniel Peter
  23. Modal dialog – Dynamically Instantiate and destroy Lightning Components by Jitendra Zaa
  24. Navigating to Reports & Records Using Lightning Component Events by Daniel Peter
  25. Lightning Events Via Visualforce by Mohit Shrivastava
  26. Opening Modal Using Lightning Component Framework of SFDC by Mohit Shrivastava
  27. Displaying Summary and Matrix Reports with Lightning Components by Daniel Peter
  28. Loading External JavaScript And CSS Libraries To Lightning Components by Raja Rao DV
  29. Creating a Simple Real Estate App with Lightning Components by Christophe Coenraets
  30. Input Lookup Component by Enrico Murru
  31. AutoComplete Component by Peter Knolle
  32. Video tutorials for Lightning Components by Paul Battisson
  33. FAQ of Lightning by Jitendra
  34. News Component by Tom Gersic
  35. Map Component by Christophe Coenraets
  36. E-Signature Component by BalKishan Kachawa
  37. Share content on Whats’up using Lightning Component by BalKishan Kachawa
  38. Barcode Scanner by Jitendra Zaa
  39. File upload using lightning Component by Peter Knolle
  40. Why keypress event of textbox doesn’t return latest value in Lightning Component by Peter Knolle
  41. Rating Component by Peter Knolle
  42. How to inherit Lightning Components by Peter Knolle
  43. Override default loading message in Lightning Application by Jitendra
  44. Wikipedia Search Component by Jitendra

Please feel free to post URL’s of Lightning component tutorials missing here, I will try to add here asap.




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6 responses to “Compilation of resources to learn Lightning Components in Salesforce”

  1. Don Robins Avatar

    Hi Jitendra – you might want to consider adding – early LC release blog post series around the concepts on the DeveloperForce site, linked to an hour long free course on Creating Lightning Components from early 2015.

    1. Jitendra Zaa Avatar

      Hi @donrobins:disqus , I have updated this post. I read your article when it was published and its very useful for sure.

  2. Arshadulla Shariff Avatar
    Arshadulla Shariff

    Hi Jitendra -Thanks For gathering up resource .i have one question regarding lookup field in sales force lightning.
    Do we have any alternative for ” Input Lookup Component by Enrico Murru”.
    Thanks a lot For your help .

  3. Harish Avatar

    Hi Jitendra – File Upload is not working in lightning component after summer 16 release. Do you have any working code?

  4. TEJAS KAPASI Avatar

    Hi Jitendra, Couple of links are broken. If you can update it, that would be great.

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