Event Monitoring and Trailhead

Trailhead Event Monitoring
Trailhead Event Monitoring

This is one of most awaited functionality provided by Salesforce platform recently. In many projects, we were getting request from clients on different kind of  auditing reports like “most used functionality by users, who is exporting reports, API call usage, link clicks” etc. Event monitoring tool helps to provide many information related to auditing reports. We can track nearly 29 different types of event like

  • API Calls
  • Report exports
  • Logins and Logout
  • Visualforce page loads
  • Apex executions

This tool is free only for developer edition and for enterprise, unlimited or professional editions only login and logout events are available ; other events are available on extra cost. One important aspect to notice about this feature is that it is API only feature.  These logs are stored in Object EventLogFile. We can use tools like Workbench or SOQL in developer console to fetch records.

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Continuous Integration in Salesforce using Flosum AppExchange

This is first of many upcoming articles on evaluation of Salesforce AppExchange products. In this post we will be discussing capability of native Force.com based solution for Continuous integration. Deployment has always been one of pain point in Salesforce developement. I have worked and proposed many solutions to customers based on their requirement and budget. One of solution which got my attention recently is “Flosum” available and listed on AppExchange from this year.

I have used many traditional continuous integrations like Jenkins, Bamboo, Scheduled ANT script but all of them still involve manual intervention and most important, special skill set to setup and handle any issue arising time to time.

Let’s talk about Flosum and what makes it different at high level:

  • Complete native solution built over Force.com platform
  • Requirement gathering to deployment, all aspects covered
  • Multiple environment management
  • Easy Profile migration
  • Security access to environment for each user
  • Default space 11GB
  • Acts as Version Control
  • Supports Continuous integration and auto deployments
  • Compare Complete Org with historical or current changes
  • 360 reporting view

APEX based DDP generation using LOOPlus

To automate the document generation in salesforce, we have two well known AppEchange products named “Conga Composer” and “LOOPlus from DrawLoop“. Both products are well used in industry and both have advantages and disadvantages over the need and situation.

This article depicts automating the document generation using Apex in LOOPlus. As i have been through this situation and didn’t find any resource on web to automate the document generation using Apex, so i thought to put this article.

Advantage of LOOPlus over Conga Composer:

  • The one advantage which i know is that using LOOPlus you can combine all the attachments into single one which is not possible in Conga Composer.

Navigate to this URL to install the trial version of Drawloop (LOOPlus) from AppExchange.

To use the Drawloop API we need to use the “Business” version of LOOPlus. To activate this, navigate to “LOOP” app and then “DDP Admin”. Click on button “Modify Subscription services“. New Page will open, select “Business” in LOOPlus level as shown in below image.

Enabling Business Version of DrawLoop
Enabling Business Version of DrawLoop