Top Salesforce Tools

Top Salesforce tools , AppExchange and Heroku applications

Salesforce Trial Instances

Free AppExchange Products


  • Notify Me – Free app allowing any user to create personal notifications on any object. Get notified via SMS or email. Workflow is awesome, but NotifyMe empowers your users to make their own notification rules!
  • Evernote for Salesforce – Are your users looking for note-taking solutions? This free app allows you to capture notes, links, and attachments, all in context to records in Salesforce.
  • S1 Ignition Pack – This is a free pack of six applications to power micro-moments for salespeople in the field. Included are apps for account news, geolocation, cliff notes, and content deliveries, all optimized for the mobile experience. Some of the apps require Heroku, see AppExchange listing for full details.

Paid AppExchange Products

Salesforce Instance Health checkup

Database, ETL and Integration tools (Free)

  • DBAmp
  • Talend
  • Salesforce Toolkits – Heoku based application to compare Org, Swithc on-off validation, workflow, process builer and triggers, check if best practices has been followed, schema lister and many more
  • SOQL Builder – Heoku based application to query any object without prior knowledge of SOQL

Automated Testing

Must Read Entries

Salesforce CRM Analytics

  • Dataset Util – Utility tool to download datasets from Wave and many more utilities
  • Wave Labs – Heroku application to export datasets from Analytics
  • Event Monitoring Plus – Collection of CRM Analytics dashboard to analyze Event monitoring in more detail

Free Code

Master Data Management (MDM) Solution for Salesforce

  • Reltio – Reltio manages all data types including multi-domain master data, transaction and interaction data, third party, public and social data. Data is fused into a new breed of data-driven applications that business teams love to use every day. Its cloud based solution.





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  1. Chirag Mehta Avatar
    Chirag Mehta

    Thank you Jitendra for including “Metadata Search” AppExchange app in your list of favorites, Trust me, its a favorite (must have) app for many 🙂

  2. Niks Avatar

    Thank you Jitendra for sharing top tools for salesforce app exchange

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