Introduction to Mulesoft with Example – Alpharetta Developer Group Meet

Slides and Video from Alpharetta Developer group meet – Loading data in Salesforce using Mulesoft 4

Last week, we organized Salesforce Developer group meet in Alpharetta and topic was Introduction to Mulesoft & Live Demo.

We covered,

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Below is slide from group meet

Use pipe delimited file to upsert record in Mulesoft 3

Use Mulesoft to upsert record in Salesforce using Pipe delimited file

Processing Comma Separated file is out of box but what if text file is delimited using comma.

In this post, we will read Pipe delimited file and upsert record in Salesforce. Instead of upserting record in Salesforce, you can do anything else you want to.

This is how final job will look like :

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