Managing multiple Salesforce instances using Environment Hub – Video

If I ask, how do you remember your Salesforce instance username and password? Possible answer could be

However all above techniques have vulnerability of password leakage.

Salesforce offers a product free of cost to solve this problem and known as “Environment Hub“.

Salesforce Environment Hub
Salesforce Environment Hub

Flow in Salesforce – Youtube Video tutorial

1. Basics of Flow in 15 minutes

This video tutorial explains declaring variables in flow, best practices while declaring variable, reading URL parameter and storing it in flow variable, creating custom button to launch flow from page layout, updating record, proper handling of fault messages and displaying it to end users.

Setting up LiveAgent in Salesforce – Video Tutorial

This Video tutorial will help on basics of LiveAgent in Salesforce. It will Explain

  1. How to enable Live Agent
  2. How to add Chat Buttons
  3. How to add Skills and Agent Configuration
  4. Adding Deployment
  5. Chartlets
  6. Setup Service Cloud Console to use with Live Agent