Setting up LiveAgent in Salesforce – Video Tutorial

This Video tutorial will help on basics of LiveAgent in Salesforce. It will Explain

  1. How to enable Live Agent
  2. How to add Chat Buttons
  3. How to add Skills and Agent Configuration
  4. Adding Deployment
  5. Chartlets
  6. Setup Service Cloud Console to use with Live Agent

Video Tutorial:




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2 responses to “Setting up LiveAgent in Salesforce – Video Tutorial”

  1. raghavendra Avatar

    Hi Shiva, I have connect to chatter of salesforce from php website with minimal integration like cliking on a link from php website, it has to open chatter and communicate on it.When i did R&D found like Live Agent.Please help me ,how to proceed further and also share me examples.

  2. Rajendra Rathore Avatar
    Rajendra Rathore

    Hi Jitendra,

    Excellent explanation regarding live agent implementation in salesforce and thank you for that video.

    I am using Pre Chat Form for collecting First Name, Last, Email, and Case Subject and what i want that when ever user fill up the pre chat form and submit form then in Console it will automatically search article on the basis of Case subject, So our agent can see knowledge article before responding to customer.

    Without Pre Chat Form i am able to do search article by using that code:

    liveagent.addCustomDetail(‘Case Subject’, ‘Truncated Category Tree’).doKnowledgeSearch();

    But i don’t found any solution to do the same thing using Pre-Chat Form Api of live agent.

    If you know any solution for that then please let me know.

    Thanks You,

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