Setup Live Agent in Salesforce Community – Video

Using Live agent, Service representatives can directly chat with customers and resolve customer issue. Chat support is noways preferable way to contact service representative. No need to stay on call for hours, no need to wait for email reply for days. Even I use chat support wherever it is possible as its very easy to use and multi tasking can be easily done by opening chat in one window and continuing work in other windows. Live Agent is native tool provided by Salesforce which can be setup by point and clicks and no need of programming is needed. If you want Video tutorial on how to setup Live agent, you can skip this post and navigate here.

LiveAgent in Community Demo
LiveAgent in Community Demo

1. Creating Skills

Setting up Live agent is very easy if you know how Service cloud or Call center works. If we take example of day to day life, when we try to chat someone, it asks us to choose from area to contact like “Billing Issue”, “Sales Issue”, “Product repair” etc. Options makes it very clear that chat will be routed to different team on basis of area. Same way, while setting up Live agent in Salesforce, We need to create different team with different skills. In our case, I am going to create Skill named “EDI Skill Group”. To create skill, navigate to “Build | Live Agent | Skills | New”.

Setting up LiveAgent in Salesforce – Video Tutorial

This Video tutorial will help on basics of LiveAgent in Salesforce. It will Explain

  1. How to enable Live Agent
  2. How to add Chat Buttons
  3. How to add Skills and Agent Configuration
  4. Adding Deployment
  5. Chartlets
  6. Setup Service Cloud Console to use with Live Agent