Managing multiple Salesforce instances using Environment Hub – Video

If I ask, how do you remember your Salesforce instance username and password? Possible answer could be

However all above techniques have vulnerability of password leakage.

Salesforce offers a product free of cost to solve this problem and known as “Environment Hub“.

Salesforce Environment Hub
Salesforce Environment Hub

Environment Hub lets partners view, connect, create, and log in to multiple Salesforce organizations from one location. This can be especially convenient if you use a large number of organizations for business, development, and testing.

We can consider one Salesforce instance as a Master Org (Hub) and we need to remember password of only this org. Other Salesforce instances can be logged In from this master org without providing username and password again. You can refer this official FAQ from Salesforce to know more about it.

To activate it, we need to contact Salesforce support.

Below demo shows how to setup and use “Environment Hub” in Salesforce.

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