1. Great Post! Excellent way to get around the dependant picklists. Question though, for the Custom Metadata type everytime a new picklist is added will you need to update this dependancy?

    Also, it still feels strange salesforce hasn’t supported the standard picklist dependency into flows yet.


  2. Hi Jitendra, I have situation where the dependency is with multiple levels. Say I have level 1, 2 and 3 picklists. Level 2 is dependent on level 1 ( this was easy) The next was, level 3 is dependent on level 2 and level 1. Does this solution help me set that up?

      1. Hey Jitendra, for the multi-level dependency I had to create two separate Custom Metadata objects for each level, to avoid duplication of drop down values. Did you have another idea in mind for this?

  3. Hi Jitendra…Thanks for sharing this post!
    You really saved me a lot of coding effort as I have upto 6 level of field dependency for my work…

    I have a some queries although..Will be really helpful if you provide your inputs

    1.Since different screens need to be used for different picklists…I was thinking to add user selected values to be displayed in subsequent screens as a read only textbox.
    Ex: There are screen 1-6. Screen 2 should display screen1 selection as readonly on top of picklist in screen2 and so on!!

    I am able to display them in text boxes but they are not read only.Can you help me out with that?
    I can always use validation rules but its not a good user experience!!

    2.In some cases , controlling field values are appearing more than once i.e. not unique and dependant field values change based on multiple level dependency and are appearing more than once in screen

    For Ex:

    Segment System Role
    Brand IPC Developer
    Corp IPC Developer
    Corp IPC Admin

    In this case , if you select Segment – Corp, you will find two same values for System – IPC and IPC again!!
    Is there a way to restrict it?

    2.Thirdly . I have 200+ records with multiple dependencies.
    Instead of manually creating records in Custom Metadata Type object , is there a way to mass load data in mdt?

    1. Here my suggestions :
      1. Use a variable to store value selected in previous screen and simply display variable on screen. It would be readonly.

      2. You can restrict it by making sure that Custom Metadata does not has duplicate entry in it. Otherwise you will need to use Javascript and beauty of click over code would be lost 🙂

      3. There is Custom metadata Dataloader, use it from here – https://github.com/haripriyamurthy/CustomMetadataLoader

  4. Thanks for the post! I’m trying to set up my flow based on your tutorial and for Screen 2 none of my values are populating. I set up my Custom Metadata Type and it’s controlling and dependant values, and used that as my dynamic record choice shown in the 2nd screenshot. What am I doing wrong?

  5. Hi Jitendra,
    Thanks for sharing this useful knowledge.

    I followed the instructions and everything works good except for the fact that when I try to login to one of my users and use the button I get error of insufficient privileges.
    I was wondering if this is because I need to give any permissions to the custom metadata type object to all of my users. Do you know if this is needed?
    Thanks much,

  6. Hi Jitendra,

    Thanks for the video, it was very helpful. I have a problem while working on my dependent pick list MDT. I have 2 Controlling fields “Administration” and “Change My Access/User Records” and the dependent pick list values assigned accordingly in custom metadata.

    I followed the steps and created the dynamic record choice. The problem is, the picklist is only showing dependent values for “Administration” and it is showing “None” if I select “Change My Access/User Records” . Am I doing something wrong or is there a catch which I am unable to follow.

    Thanks for your suggestions.

    Abhishek Dhar

  7. @Jitendra, I followed your steps, I am unable to see the Custom Metadata Type under “Dynamic Record Choice” > “Create a choice for each”.
    What am I missing? Can you help?

  8. Hi Jitendra,
    I need to create the same dependent picklist on a single screen . How can that be achieved using custom metadata?
    Could you please help here?

  9. Many thanks for this article. Is this still implementable in the current versions of Salesforce and i do not see any “Dynamic Record Choice Set” Component. I am looking for a solution to have two dependent picklists in two separate screens in screenflow.

    Kindly assist.

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