How to start career in Salesforce – applicable for Freshers as well

I was owner of one of Training institute in Nagpur (India) named “Shivasoft” for almost 3 years. This is the reason few of you know me as a “Shivasoft”, some of you know me by my previous twitter handler “@ilovenagpur” as well. I was lucky enough that I had many bright and hard working students. They were kind enough to share lots of stuff happening around and other problems. One of the major issue is getting job after graduation and even harder problem is when students does not get selected in “campus recruitment” drive. Freshers needs job and employer needs experience, if you are not coming from campus, this is catch 22 situation. As fresh graduates doesn’t get a job , they either go with MBA (MBA is prestigious course but CAT ranking plays a huge role), advance programming courses like SAP or Oracle by paying hefty amounts , post graduation in IT itself, BPO jobs or some other profession.

This post is solely my opinion where I think, you could overcome this situation. However please do not consider this as a base, take a judgement of your own.

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Starting career in Salesforce
Starting career in Salesforce

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