Using Microsoft Adaptive Cards in LWC

Adaptive Cards in Salesforce

There could be a situation in your project where UI components in your application need to be defined at run time where Salesforce may or may not have control. We can solve this situation in LWC using CSS or template:if directive.

There is another alternative to the above problem statement, which can be an extremely lightweight framework from Microsoft – Adaptive cards.

In nutshell, Adaptive cards take a JSON input and convert it to HTML UI elements. In this blog post, I would be sharing simple source code to depict how it works.

How to Configure Salesforce for Outlook – Video Tutorial

This Video Tutorial will help to beginners on basic setup of Salesforce for Outlook.

  1. How to create Outlook Configuration
  2. Which objects can be synchronized
  3. Deciding on direction of Synchronization
  4. Creating DataSet
  5. Attach Email with any record
  6. Setting field mapping for Custom fields of Contact in Outlook and in Salesforce