Problems with parallel RFC servers in SAP


Generally, the transaction RZ12  is used to create and edit RFC server groups for parallel execution of RFC enabled ABAP procedures and functions.  Using these parallel RFCs, we can reduce the overall execution time of long running jobs. 

Below are rare facts about the configuration of RFC servers in RZ12:

1. While configuring the resources which will be assigned to RFC servser groups; we will find that the “Determination of Resources” section allows to enter the preferences for the amount of system resources that will be allocated to the group.  Here, the problem is, the data entered  for these parameters is not RFC server group specific. Its actually application group wide, just like all the other profile parameters.  So, if we edit  RFC server group assignment row  and change its any field value, we change its corresponding application servers profile parameter and this change affects all RFCs running in the application server. This can be verified by opening any other RFC  server group.


2.  As we know the profile parameter  “rdisp/rfc_check”  enables the dispatcher check for asynchronous RFCs (checks whether the sufficient Dialogue work processes are available for processing the asynchronous RFC calls) and its default value is 2 but if we change it to 3 then the both Synchronous and Asychronous RFCs can be monitored. I would suggest to take a view of available Dialogue work processes and the documentation changing this value.

3.  If the parallel RFCs are being used to generate the periodic replacement list using transaction code EG88 then it calls the function EGTUR. In such a case, define the RFC group with name EGTUR and activate the same.