Podcast – How to Achieving Hyper-Threading in Salesforce

Podcast - Hyper Thread iN Salesforce

Total number of Asynchronous Apex which includes Batch Apex, Future Method, Queueable & Scheduled job is 250k or 200 x Total User license whichever is greater.

Now lets do some fact check :

  • Execute method of Batch Apex can only call 1 Queueable
  • Scheduler can call 50 Queueable
  • We can have only 100 Schedulers in an Org
  • If we run 1 Scheduler every minute = 60 Scheduler
  • If each Scheduler executes 50 Queueable every minute, then 60×50 = 3000 jobs / min. Which means 3000 x 24 = 72k jobs / day

Big Question

Can you design an application which can use full potential of Async governor limit – even 250k / day ?

Designing Scalable Hyper Thread Application in Salesforce

I have discussed various approach to answer these questions on below podcast by SalesforceWay

Part 1 – Salesforce Hyper-Threading Road blocks

Part 2 – Salesforce Hyper-Threading Options

Feel free to drop comments and your thoughts on solution !!!

List of podcasts for Salesforce developers and admins

I am sure lots of visitors reading this post commutes to office almost daily either by own car or public transport. I use my leisure by listening Salesforce podcasts mostly. There are many Salesforce podcast maintained by awesome admins and developers globally. They dedicates lots of effort and time around planning every episode, try not to be biased, putting thoughts in funny and practical way, discussing about latest problems and solutions on Salesforce ecosystem, inviting special guests. Every day after listening new podcast from these channels, I get push and motivated to do more, contribute more and gain more knowledge.

At least I can do by this post is to introduce all fantastic available podcast and their host, who are taking so much effort to bring voices, news and thoughts all around in our loving Salesforce community.

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