5 Steps to increase your chances of passing Certified Technical Architect – CTA certification

5 Steps to pass CTA

As you may have observed, I was on hiatus for the last few months and the reason for that was CTA exam preparation.

The purpose of this blog post is to share my experience and motivate you to embark on this journey.

Lets bust some of the myths around CTA

  • Getting designer certification does not mean you have good platform knowledge. There are many aspects that are not covered in designer exams like Tableau CRM, Heroku, Mulesoft, CPQ, etc
  • Certification is not easy if you are a developer, admin, or consultant. Everyone has something to learn. If you are a good developer then you will need to work on your communication and articulation. If you are a good admin then you would need to learn customization capability etc
  • This exam is easy for a few candidates who are CTO or have 15+ years of experience. That’s not true. Definitely some presale role, Architect & leadership experience will help in exam. EVERYONE that I have met has put hundreds of hours after office & over the weekends. Success may look easy from the outside but behind the scene, it’s a huge effort.

In my opinion, You need to have the right balance of Platform knowledge, Story Articulation capability, Overall strategy, and Time Management, which was my CTA Mantra.