SAP R/3 Audit Review Checklist

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It is always advisable to perform a check on SAP R/3 system a couple of times a year to ensure the tight security of SAP System. Below are few useful Do’s which can help to achieve the high degree of Security:

Review the following:- 

 System security file parameters (TU02) (e.g. password length/format, forced password sessions,  user failures to end  session etc.) have been set to ensure confidentiality and integrity of password.


1.  Setup and modification of user master records follows a specific procedure and is properly approved by management. 

2. Setup and modification of authorizations and profiles follows a specific procedure and is performed by someone 
   independent of the person responsible for user master record maintenance. 

3. An appropriate naming convention for profiles, authorizations and authorization objects has been developed to help security maintenance and to comply with required SAP R/3 naming conventions. 

4. A user master record is created for each user defining a user ID and password. Each user is assigned to a user group, in the user master record, commensurate with their job responsibilities. 

5. Check objects (SU24) have been assigned to key transactions) to restrict access to those transaction. 

6. Authorization objects and authorizations have been assigned to users based on their job responsibilities and ensuring the SOD (Segregation of duties). 

7. Users can maintain only system tables commensurate with their job responsibilities

     Select a sample of :- 

1. Changes to user master records, profiles and authorizations and ensure the changes were properly approved. (The changes can be viewed with transaction (SECR). 

2. Verify that a naming convention has been developed for profiles, authorizations and in-house developed authorization objects to ensure that theycan be easily managed and will not be overwritten by a subsequent release upgrade (for Release 2.2 should begin with Y_ or Z_ and for Release 3.0 by Z_ only.) 

3. Assess and review of the use of the authorization object S_TABU_DIS and review of table authorization classes 
   (TDDAT)  whether all system tables are assigned an appropriate authorization class and users are assigned system table maintenance access (Through S_TABU_DIS) based on authorization classes commensurate with their job responsibilities. 

4. Assess and review of the use of the authorization objects S_Program and S_Editor and the review of program classes (TRDIR) whether all programs are assigned the appropriate program class and users are assigned program classes commensurate with their job responsibilities.