Use Lightning Components on external websites – Lightning Out

Show Lightning Component in Node.js using Lightning Out

If you were the users of IGoogle, few years back, you would be excited to know that web development is progressing in that direction. Architect of web application development is getting shifted towards component based development by introducing concepts like Web Components and frameworks like polymer and Lightning Components. One of the possible use case of component driven development is ability to use whole component externally. In IGoogle, components were built by partners and then was exposed as widgets to be used on your custom Google home page. Salesforce product team, being visionary came up something like this by introducing Lightning Out. With the help of Lightning Out, we can surface our existing Lightning Component to external websites. Previously, we already discussed that how Lightning components can be used on Visualforce pages using Lightning Out.

Let’s see how we can do it.

Simple guide to setup SSL in Tomcat

I have enabled SSL in tomcat many times however initially I struggled to get it in running condition. So I thought to share a simple approach I am following now days.

Step 1:

Run tool “Keytool“ provided by the JRE to create a “keystore file”.
The command to run tool is:

keytool -genkey -alias tomcat -keyalg RSA -keystore D:/.keyStore

Where “D:/.keystore” is the path where file should be created.
Instead of alias “tomcat” any other name can be used.
After running above command, you will be asked many questions, so answer them correctly as shown in below image:

Tomcat SSL keytool to create keystore file
Tomcat SSL keytool to create keystore file

Remember the password provided, as it will be needed in next step.