Lightning Data Service – Standard Controller for Lightning Components

Salesforce Lightning Data Services

If you have worked on Visualforce and started playing with Lightning Component, you must have identified one important missing feature, which is standard Controller.

Lets assume a scenario, you have two Lightning Components on Account page. One Lightning Component is used to show some fields and other component is used to edit same record.

Problem 1 :

To achieve this, both Lightning components would invoke Apex method separately at the cost of performance, by issuing duplicate server calls. Below image depicts problem, where multiple Lightning component requests same content by making separate server calls.

Lightning Components - Duplicate Server Calls
Lightning Components – Duplicate Server Calls

Behold Yourself – Summer 17 is here to break legacy Visualforce Navigation code in Lightning Experience

Salesforce Summer 17

You read it right. Its not Locker Service that may break your code, but Summer 17. If you have legacy Visualforce page, which needs to navigate to Lightning experience and URLFOR is used directly, then chances of getting below error are very high.

Salesforce Summer 17 - URLFOR Not working
Salesforce Summer 17 – URLFOR Not working

In above screenshot, I got MALFORMED_ID : malformed Id error in one of my Visualforce, where I needed to navigate to new Account record.