Introduction to Flexible page aka Lightning Page with example

What you will do if you need to display a visualforce tab only in Salesforce1 app and not in desktop version of Salesforce, not even after clicking on “+” link of tab ?

We all are well aware about PageLayout and Visualforce Pages. From API 29 (Winter 14 release), Salesforce has introduced new functionality in platform named “FlexiPage”. Like Pagelayout, We can add Custom components in Flexipage however Flexipage will be visible only in Salesforce1 application in sidebar.

We can use Flexipage to make custom Homepage for some product which will be accessed directly from Salesforce1. One important thing to note here is that, till date (at the time of writing this tutorial) Flexipage can be defined in XML file and then deploying it using Eclipse, Ant Migration tool, workbench or any other migration tool. There is no way to define Flexipage directly in Salesforce using point and click functionality.

Flexi page can contain List View, Recent Items, Report chart, Visualforce page and Global actions.

Update 8-JulyFlexipage is refered as “Lightning Page” in Salesforce documentation.

Step1 : Defining XML file for Flexipage containing detail of components

Filename – “AccountFlexi.flexipage”