Build a Salesforce DX Plugin in 15 Min

Build a Salesforce DX Plugin in 15 Min

Before deploying metadata in Sandbox of production, have you felt that how great it would be to generate configuration workbook ? Or compare sandboxes for difference ? Or check if fields are used on any page layouts or not ? Dear reader, you are in need of custom Salesforce DX plugin.

You heard it right, Salesforce DX allows custom plugin development. So now question is, how do you connect to Salesforce Org ? Do you need to know about OAuth or Single Sign On (SSO) ?

Complete source code is available on my Github repository here.

Where to find me in Dreamforce 2016

Hey All,

Its time of year again where we will get a chance to meet personally in virtually connected world. I know most of you either on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube, let’s plan to connect this Dreamforce.

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So, like all previous Dreamforce, this year as well I would be involved in some activities . Question is, where can we meet ? Well, here are some details about me. Please don’t hesitate to comment on this blog about availability, place etc.

Brain Dating

This is a new event in Dreamforce 2016 and I am totally excited about this. We would be exchanging best practices and challenges on pre-decided topic. I would be discussing on two topics

List of podcasts for Salesforce developers and admins

I am sure lots of visitors reading this post commutes to office almost daily either by own car or public transport. I use my leisure by listening Salesforce podcasts mostly. There are many Salesforce podcast maintained by awesome admins and developers globally. They dedicates lots of effort and time around planning every episode, try not to be biased, putting thoughts in funny and practical way, discussing about latest problems and solutions on Salesforce ecosystem, inviting special guests. Every day after listening new podcast from these channels, I get push and motivated to do more, contribute more and gain more knowledge.

At least I can do by this post is to introduce all fantastic available podcast and their host, who are taking so much effort to bring voices, news and thoughts all around in our loving Salesforce community.

Salesforce Podcast

So, below are list of all my favorite Salesforce podcasts :

Dreamforce 2015 – My Sessions – Add in your Agenda builder

Dreamforce 2015
Dreamforce 2015

Its just two weeks left for planets biggest developer/Admin event. 2014, was my first year to attend this mega event and I was amazed by how big it is, how many sessions, how many awesome speakers, how many activities, how could Salesforce organized it in city like SFO very well. I don’t think that there would be any other name more appropriate and suitable than “Dreamforce”, as its kinda dream to attend this event by all Salesforce admins and developers. I am going to live this dream second year in row.

Below image shows some of featured speakers like Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Youtube CEO Susan being part of Dreamforce 2015.

Dreamforce 2015 Speakers
Dreamforce 2015 Speakers

Dreamforce 2014 Session – create web based IDE for Salesforce

In Dreamforce 2014, I got chance to present demo of creating online IDE for Salesforce using Tooling API. I used Node.js as a language to communicate with Salesforce API on Heroku Platform.


  1. Simple Editor

Complete source code (Github)

  1. Simple Editor
  2. Editor with Ace framework

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Below is the presentation slide I used