Where to find me in Dreamforce 2016

Hey All,

Its time of year again where we will get a chance to meet personally in virtually connected world. I know most of you either on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube, let’s plan to connect this Dreamforce.

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So, like all previous Dreamforce, this year as well I would be involved in some activities . Question is, where can we meet ? Well, here are some details about me. Please don’t hesitate to comment on this blog about availability, place etc.

Brain Dating

This is a new event in Dreamforce 2016 and I am totally excited about this. We would be exchanging best practices and challenges on pre-decided topic. I would be discussing on two topics

  • Encryption & Event Monitoring
  • Automate Salesforce deployment at no additional cost
Dreamforce Brain Dating
Dreamforce Brain Dating

If you are interested in any of above topic then sign up here, I am pretty much sure, we are going to have a thoughtful time on these topics.

Cognizant Booth

Would be spending most of time at my employer , Cognizant’s booth. You are welcome to come and say Hi to me !!!  Would be more than happy to demonstrate what are some jaw breaking projects and solutions we are working on.

Cognizant in Dreamforce
Cognizant in Dreamforce

Community Powered Circle Sessions

Join my Salesforce MVPs team for a fun and engaging conversation! Salesforce is expanding the Circles of Success experience by welcoming Salesforce MVPs to facilitate discussions that are relevant to you. MVPs are passionate and knowledgeable Salesforce Customers who are well-versed in Salesforce and part of our community Ohana. These sessions are unscripted, consultative, roundtable discussions where like-minded customers come together to share and learn from each-other. Grab your lunch and find the table with the topic that speaks to you.

Take a seat at the table to ask, share, and learn. Reserve your seat today!

Admin Meadow

This year we have forest for Developers and Meadow and you can walk over it by using Trailhead. I would be available in Admin Meadow on Tuesday from 10 am to 12 pm in “Mobile for Admins” section.

Dreamforce Admin Meadow
Dreamforce Admin Meadow

And last but not least, I would be spotted at Salesforce Gala as well. So.. See you guys in just few days, am totally pumped up for Dreamforce 2016 🙂





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