List of IDE available for Salesforce coding IDE (Eclipse)

This was first and official IDE from Salesforce and enjoyed monopoly as one and only IDE for many years.
The IDE is a powerful client application for creating, modifying and deploying applications. Based on the Eclipse platform and built on the Tooling API, the IDE provides a comfortable environment for programmers familiar with integrated development environments, letting you code, compile, test, package, and deploy all from within the IDE. Much of the actual work, such as compilation, happens on the platform—the IDE performs the communication and result parsing transparently.
The IDE is open-source and you can download the source code on GitHub. IDE IDE

Edit Static Resource inside IDE Itself

This tutorial is regarding editing of static resources inside eclipse itself. Normally if we want to edit any file inside zip, first we have to extract and edit the file, zip it again and reload into static resource. To save this round trips and time consuming process I found one very useful eclipse plugin called as “Eclipse Zip Editor“. Although it’s very small tweak however it will save your lot of time and unnecessary trip to Salesforce and Zip tool.

You can download this editor from location “

Static Resource in Eclipse Before Plugin
Static Resource in Eclipse Before Plugin

Install or Update IDE in Eclipse –

First step to start with coding in is to install the IDE in Eclipse. I will target the new version of eclipse which is Kepler. IDE is supported in Eclipse Juno as well as Eclipse Kepler.

So, we will start with launching the Eclipse.

Eclipse Kepler
Eclipse Kepler

then goto Help ->  Software Update / Install new software…

Eclipse Software update for salesforce