Resolve error while fetching project code in IDE

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Resolve IDE error while fetching Salesforce project because of different version

While working on IDE this week, I started getting below error

Unable to update project properties: Element {}returnFieldDataTypes invalid at this location

Eclipse IDE - MARS.1
Eclipse IDE – MARS.1

I was using Eclipse Mars.1. The reason was that, I updated my IDE to version 36 and my org was supporting API 35 only I guess.
So, I solved it by uninstalling IDE by navigating to “Help | Installation Details | IDE | Uninstall”.

Once, IDE is uninstalled, install it again however with some change as shown in below image.

Resolve Salesforce IDE error
Resolve Salesforce IDE error

On first screen of installation, we need to select only “version 35” and uncheck check-box saying “show only the latest version of available software”. After this screen, we need to follow steps as shown in screen.

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